How to format the content of an essay?

The main part of the work also has its own structure.


This is about one paragraph that brings the reader up to date, explains the problem that is covered in the essay.

The introductory part builds a logical connection with the main text.

Main text

In this part of the essay, the author at write my papers must gradually reveal the problem and come to its solution with the help of various arguments and arguments. Here you can cite the research of scientists, literary examples and situations from life.

Quotations that are used in the work are enclosed in quotation marks. Be sure to include a link to the source. It indicates the author, year of publication and page. The link can be indicated in the text in brackets with a number that corresponds to the list of references.

A quote, an example from life or from literature should have a personal reasoning, an explanation of the use of this particular example for a given problem.

Essay body example

There must be a conclusion at the end of each section.

In this part of the work, the author voices the problem, summarizes the previously given opinions and comes to the final result.

An example of a conclusion in an essay


Here you can place an order for writing and designing work from experts in this field! Artistic works, articles, monographs and other sources should be indicated at the end of the work. The list of used literature is drawn up according to generally accepted standards.

An example of a list of references in an essay

When writing an essay, you need to study the rules of methodology. This article from the service lists all the basic rules that will come in handy when doing the job.

Basic drawing lines

Standards for the design of drawings in accordance with methodology

Selecting a main image for your term paper

Preparation of construction drawings

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