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    How to scan a qr code on your phone

    Lets see how to scan a qr code on iphone. Open the camera app on your smartphone, then place the camera on the qr code you want to scan, make sure the code is in the same level of the camera or it is properly visible on screen. Wait for the notification of the code is for once you receive the...
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    What’s the secret to selecting the right VPS server plan for my website or application?
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    Rays intrigued inside OF Andrew McCutchen
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    This fall. Am i able to migrate my website to a VPS server? How?
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    Do you use some movie streaming services?
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    Restaurants in al khuwair
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    Fix a YouTube Black Screen

    Youtube is a platform from where we can get all the information or the solutions through videos. You can listen to songs and watch movies here. But sometimes youtube users ask why is my youtube screen black. So, there can be many reasons for this. Here you can read all your reasons behind black...
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    How to Insert a Degree Symbol on Mac

    On Mac's keywboard we can easily find out every symbole but ° symbol. Normaly people have to search it on google and copy paste it. But don't worry here I will tell you some easy ways to type Degree Symbol Option+Shift+8 Option+K Option + 0 (zero)