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  1. Fernando

    How to drive traffic to your site?

    Many site owners who do not understand anything about promotion often ask the question, how to get traffic to their site? In this case, I usually say that it is possible to get traffic in the first place if your site has interesting content. Thanks to interesting and colorful content, users will...
  2. Fernando

    Fintech development

    To implement financial services, I need to develop fintech solutions, namely a mobile application or other software. Help find good specialists who understand fintech and banking developments.
  3. Fernando

    Software development with artificial intelligence

    Hello everyone, I decided it's time to implement artificial intelligence in our company's software, as I recently noticed that many modern companies have been using artificial intelligence for a long time, thereby increasing sales and profits. Tell me, do you know which companies are developing...
  4. Fernando

    E-Commerce Development Strategy

    I want to open my own online store, but I lack the knowledge of how to develop an e-commerce business strategy. Who can help me with this?
  5. Fernando

    HVAC software

    Hello everyone, I really urgently need to create HVAC software, as I need to simplify the planning of field customer service work, as well as simplify the work of employees, save everyone from paperwork and generally automate all processes. Can you recommend me a good company to create such...
  6. Fernando

    Looking for android mobile app developers

    I have long wanted to optimize the service delivery of our company by creating a mobile application, since now everyone in the world has a phone and it would be easier to interact with customers using a mobile application. In particular, our clients are owners of phones based on Android, so I'm...
  7. Fernando

    Anonymous crypto gateway

    Hello everyone, probably many have long noticed that now is the peak of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Every second person pays with cryptocurrency, and many companies have been accepting payments in cryptocurrency for a long time. In a word, cryptocurrency payments are now more and more in...
  8. Fernando

    Получить гражданство в Румынии

    Это зависит от того, как долго вы проживаете в Румынии. Предыдущий комментатор прав, вы должны прожить в Румынии не менее пяти лет, чтобы получить гражданство. Но в любом случае, обратитесь в единый центр документов за более подробной информацией...
  9. Fernando

    Long-distance moving assistance Boston

    I have great news - I'm moving to another city. I've been wanting to move to Boston for a long time, and I've finally saved up enough money to rent an apartment for a couple of months while I look for jobs and acquaintances. A few questions I'm wondering right now: what's the best way to plan a...
  10. Fernando

    Choice of online casinos by rating

    Choosing an honest online casino for real money should only be done according to the best ratings of gambling institutions. Today, it is the top 5 and top 10 that give you the opportunity to get acquainted with licensed clubs with good returns. Such ratings are best for newcomers who have never...
  11. Fernando

    Cela vaut-il la peine de jouer aux machines à sous ?

    De nombreuses personnes préfèrent jouer. Les plus populaires sont les machines à sous. Tout le monde sait que les établissements de jeux d'argent sont illégaux depuis de nombreuses années. Cependant, depuis lors, les jeux d'argent ont beaucoup évolué et sont passés à un autre niveau...
  12. Fernando

    Moving New York San Francisco

    Recently, moving has become as affordable as food delivery or cleaning services, and we've recently seen it for ourselves. Moving from New York to San Francisco, with the help of a moving service, went much faster...
  13. Fernando

    Modern moving services

    Many of us have at one time or another been faced with moving. And now there are special moving services that include everything you need. Having made an order in the service of moving to you may come to an estimator, who will help you choose the right vehicle and the number of movers, then the...
  14. Fernando

    Looking for app developers

    I work at a real estate rental firm. We have a website, but beyond that we need to find another channel of communication with clients, and I think a mobile app is the way to go. With a mobile app, people will be able to browse nearby listings with great rental deals in a convenient format right...
  15. Fernando

    How blogger PewDiePie became popular

    Hello. I follow a lot of YouTube bloggers and their content. I wonder how they become so popular and how much money they end up making from their content? Sure, there are different bloggers, but for example, take PewDiePie, a mega popular streamer and blogger with 50,000,000 subscribers on his...
  16. Fernando

    How to pass a KYC check

    Nowadays, in order to ensure the safety of financial transactions, to combat fraud and money laundering, it is necessary to abandon the complete anonymity of users. That's why most cryptocurrency exchanges have introduced the KYC verification procedure familiar to many. I would like to learn...
  17. Fernando

    Moving to another city

    Changing your place of residence is always a troublesome process. It becomes even more difficult if you move to another city. In this case, returning for an item forgotten in a hurry is no longer as easy as going to a nearby neighborhood. If you have decided to live in another city, you must...
  18. Fernando

    Game Development

    Me and my team are currently developing a game and we need guys who can create visual content in 2D. Who does in-game illustration, can draw backgrounds, characters and objects for the game?
  19. Fernando

    Moving from Boston to Newton

    Home moving is a lot of things, packing, furniture, and, of course, nerves I understand this, because I myself recently moved from Boston to Newton. It's hard enough to determine the amount of packing supplies needed, choose the right transportation, and order the right number of movers...
  20. Fernando

    Buying Real Estate Abroad

    Due to recent events that have raised home prices in the U.S. very much, I decided to look for and buy real estate abroad to move there and get citizenship. It didn't take long to find options as I contacted a real estate agency in Turkey. After a few weeks, we settled on one of the real estate...