2 Men Charged With Hate Crimes After Beating And Robbing Gay Men They Met On Grindr

Two men in Texas have been charged with hate crimes after being accused of using the app Grinder to lure at least nine men into their apartment and beat and rob them, an unsealed indictment revealed on Wednesday.

Daniel Jenkins, 19, and Michael Atkinson, 24, were named in the 15-count indictment, US Attorney Erin Nealy Cox of the Northern District of Texas told The Huffington Post.

The incidents occurred in an apartment complex east of Dallas in the first two weeks of December 2017, the indictment said.

Gay Man Found Dead In Home Of Ed Buck Identified As Porn Actor Timothy "Hole Hunter" Dean

Timothy M. Dean, the 55-year-old African-American man found dead on Monday in the Laurel Avenue apartment of Ed Buck, has been identified as an employee of Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, a member of the National Gay Basketball Association and a recently baptized member of OneLA, a religious group based at the Potters House Church on La Brea Avenue.

However, a source has told WEHOville that Dean also is known in porn circles by the name of “Hole Hunter.”

Another Black Gay Man's Dead Body Found At Home of Democratic Donor Ed Buck

Via WeHo:

A young African-American man was found dead early this morning in the Laurel Avenue apartment of Ed Buck, where a death in July 2017 sparked a protest about its handling by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and about the reaction to the incident by Democratic Party politicians.

Sheriff’s deputies and the coroner were on the scene at 1234 Laurel Ave. at around 3:15 a.m. according to nearby residents.

Police Find Gun/Drugs Stuffed In Man's Anus

Deputies at the Lafourche Parish Jail found a gun concealed in the buttocks of a man arrested after police found a “zip gun” and homemade silencers in his truck.

Golden Meadow Police Department officers spotted suspicious activity at the N. Bayou Drive home of Lori Dupuy on December 28.

When the officers approached to investigate, Dupuy gave a false name and then fled the scene.

The officers then questioned Justin Savoie, who was also at the home.

Police: 52 Year Old Man Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted By Men In A Van


A neighborhood is on edge as D.C. police hunt for a group of men accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a man on New Year's Eve morning.

FOX 5 has learned that a 52-year-old man was walking along the 1500 block of Alabama Avenue in Southeast D.C. at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday when four armed men in a beige van pulled up. They forced him into the van and drove him to another location where two of the men sexually assaulted him.

Gay Man Beaten And Stomped In Homophobic Attack

Two men in Chile have been violently attacked and tortured in two seperate homophobic attacks already this year.

One man had his head held under hot water in a hot tub. Attackers allegedly stomped on the other man’s genitals, burnt cigarettes on his hand and hit him on the head with a large stone.

Attackers allegedly forced José David Muñoz Vargas, 52, into the hot tub because of his sexuality. The attack happened at his home in the town of Porvenir. That town sits in Magallenas, in Chile’s southern Antarctic region.

Man Charged With Assault After Throwing Christmas Ham At Woman

A Kentucky man was arrested Sunday after he threw ham and other items at a woman while they were arguing over what day the family was hosting Christmas dinner, police said.

David D. Brannon, 21, was arrested and charged with assault and fleeing or evading police on foot, police said. 

Laurel County sheriff’s deputies were called to the house about two miles north of London, Ky., for a domestic dispute at about 10 p.m. Sunday.

Video: Landlord Evicts Man For Being Gay

Randal Coffman said he moved into a home owned by Jackie Cooper at the Foxmeadow community in Middleburg on December 1st. He told First Coast News two weeks later, he was told to move out and said it was because his landlord learned he is gay. 

Cooper lives in a house with an apartment unit attached. The unit has a private entrance, but she shares a driveway with the tenant. 

In the video Coffman sent to us, you can hear a woman saying, "Listen to me now, you have to leave this place." 

Woman Involved In Police Shootout After Stabbing Her Girlfriend 40 Times, Killing Her

A woman involved in a shootout with police in South Georgia on Monday is accused of stabbing another woman 30 to 40 times, killing her in a Conyers motel earlier that day, authorities said.

Police responded to a woman with dozens of stab wounds at a Motel 6, Conyers police spokeswoman Kim Lucas told on Tuesday. The woman went into cardiac arrest and died before she could be loaded onto an ambulance, Lucas said.

Family Seeks Answers After Gay Student Body President Found Shout To Death

Police say D’Angelo Bratton-Bland was not the intended target of a shooting that left him dead last week in Jefferson City, Missouri, and he was not doing anything illegal at the time.

Students at a Bronzeville high school paused to remember Bratton-Bland, a friend and former student, Monday night.

Bratton-Bland died last week in a shooting in Missouri. His family is still unclear if he was targeted or if his death was an accident.