Phoenix Presents: 5 Annoying Things Only Gay Men Will Understand

Vlogger Phoenix's Life gives us 5 Annoying Things Only Gay Men Will Understand and for the most part he's absolutely right!  Do you agree with his list? 

Voice Contestant Tyshawn Colquitt Says Doing Gay Adult Films For Global Bros Got Him Eliminated

Everything lives forever on the internet, especially if the videos were made a few months ago.  Voice contestant 

Via Radar Online: 

The Voice eliminated contestant Tyshawn Colquitt‘s secret gay past has caught up with him, and in an exclusive interview with, the 23-year-old former hopeful said he believes he got booted for all the wrong reasons.

“I feel like my elimination was not fair. I hate that my dark past took this opportunity away from me and my family,” he alleged.

HotRod Makes His Return To Adult Films In Khi Lavene Produced "The F*ck House 2018"

Khi Lavene teams up with Black Rayne Ent and debuts as producer with #F*ckHouse2018 featuring all your favorite stars:

Chino Blac, Adore, J Kream, Fame, Krave Melanin, XL, Jin Powers, Leon the freak, and making his return Hot Rod!

A few years back Hot Rod took a hiatus to persue other ventures but he has found his way back home.  

The countdown has started and the 5 part scene will go live on TheF*

Check out the Trailer Below:

Shout out to Akimsniff for the info!

Gay Couple Pulls Off Amazing First Dance At Their Wedding

Noah and PJ, who tied the knot in upstate New York earlier this month, uploaded a clip to YouTube of their first dance — and it’s not to be missed.

In the, the couple start off slow-dancing to Morgana King’s “It’s a Quiet Thing,” before the music suddenly cuts out.

It’s all part of the plan, however, as the pair break into an elaborate dance routine to Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga.”

The newlyweds pull off an impressive choreographed routine, to whoops and cheers from the audience.

"I'm F*cking Jarvis!" Man Confronts Woman About Sleeping With Her Boyfriend

There are several things wrong with this video, but the most striking is the fact that he rolled up with friends to this girls job to tell her this.  Just send her a DM next time.  As for her, I'm not arguing or fighting anybody over someone that's cheating on me and got folks showing up to my job.  

TaeDaTea Twerking To Celebrate A New Car and 600K Followers Is A Whole Mood

There's nothing like getting something you thought you'd never have again.  Comedian, Actor and Instagrammer Taedatea did what any of us would do if we got a new car and thats strip down to our boxers and twerk in front of it until we're exhausted.  

This Guy Has A Message For Big D*ck Bottoms "You Topping Tonight!"

I'm pretty should that would border on sexual assault so I wouldn't advise it but I get the sentiment.  For years our gay forebrothers have tried and often failed to flip well endowed bottoms and get them to top.  I personally know someone with a MONSTER between his legs and he doesn't want it touched, sucked, licked, he doesn't even want you to look at it for too long.  

Man Talks Being From Pakistan, Gay, Happy and Fearless

Traveling from Pakistan to Yale, Zulfiqar Mannan was seeking “queer Heaven”, a place he could openly question and experiment with gender. He soon realized no such place exists but discovered the next best thing: living a life free of fear.

Video: Transwoman Beats Up DL Trade After He Refuses To Pay For Her Services

When someone's wig comes off and they still throwing shots and trying to punch you in the face, you've already lost bro.  

Video: Gay Guy Pranks His Straight Best Friend "I Like You"

Something like this can go one of two ways!  We were honestly shocked by the results!