20 Types of Gay Men You'll Meet In Your 20s

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 14:51

Hopefully you'll meet them in your 20's and leave them there.  Sadly you'll meet some of these guys in your 30's, 40's and 50's too because some people never change.  How many of these guys have you met?

The “Instagram Relationship” Gay…..

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He’s in a relationship in which they both are cheating on each other, but thier pics on IG be on FLEEK

The “Call-Center” Gay…..

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He works at a call center that he refers to as his “Office” and is always taking a picture with a head set on

The “Educated” Gay…..

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He has a degree… YAY! Who doesn’t?! …But he will let you know time and time again that he has one, or more

The “Forever 21” gay…..

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He will spend his entire check at H&M and Forever 21. And will walk in the club like he got on Tom Ford

The “Social Media Only” Gay….

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He tweets you all day long, and always write on your Facebook post, but act like he don’t know you in person

The “Church” Gay…..

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He goes to Church Monday-Sunday but still finds time to have orgys and shit! Super saved but super freaky.  He may or may not have a wife or a girlfriend.

The “Confusing” gay….

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He’s on Jackd and Grinder ass Naked, but his Bio says he is Looking for love, and not looking for hook ups

The “Facebook” Gay…

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.He’s your friend on Facebook, but swears he’s ur friend in real life! You have NO idea who he is!

The “Nosey” Gay..

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He always knows the “tea” and is ALWAYS in somebody business! Clearly doesn’t have a job, and has too much time on his hands

The “Observant” Gay ,

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NOT to be confused with the Nosey gay…..He can go to a party and notice EVERYTHING that went on in the entire room

The “Facetune” Gay….

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His IG pics get 1000 likes and He looks so good….ONLINE….In person, his face looks like a 1000 Grand Candy Ba

The “I Didn’t See You” Gay….

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He see you when you come in the club, but he aint gonna speak first…His excuse is ALWAYS “I didnt see you”

The “Big Girl” Gay ….

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He is overweight , but that doesn’t stop him from CHEWING MEAT! …Dick sucking EXPERT

The “Make Up Wearing” Gay…

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Please allow them an extra 2 hours to get ready for the club….They Face be beat to the GAWDS!

The “Retail” Gay ….

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He works in retail, He dress nice….But only because he get discounts..He be stingy with his benefits

The “Trade in Pics” Gay….

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He looks like the most masculine person in the world, ONLINE….But in person his is FISHY BOOTZ

The “BFFs” Gay…..

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Its 2 or more of them….They share everything! Clothes! Cars! Blow Up Beds, and NIGGAS! But they fight for each other

The “Opportunist” Gay…

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He hits you up, wanting to hang out, but has no car or bus fare, and wants you to pick him up.

The “Down In The DM” Gay…

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He wont speak to you at the club, but when you make it home, he in your inbox saying how nice you looked

The “College” Gay..

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You only see him at the club during Holiday Breaks….But he still manage to sleep with 10 people then go back to school


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