This Black Lesbian Couples Roaring 20's Wedding Is As Stylish As The Come

Submitted by Take Out on Fri, 07/31/2020 - 20:51

Yes Harlem Renaissance!  We love a theme and Adrienne and Leilani knocked this out of the park.  It looks like everyone in attendance was dressed to the 9's.  

Their videographer uploaded clips from their wedding with this touching message: 

Adrienne and Leilani had the kind of chemistry and passion that is just out of this world, and I'm certain you'll see it otherwise you miiiight need glasses. These two, ok and I'll say it , they had the kind of wedding people would fight for. So we were so flattered that they chose us for their for their wedding day in Long Beach California, coming all the way from Washington. OBSESSED with their venue!!!! A Spanish style flavored in the 1920's with vintage decor and beautiful artwork. So many unique and unconventional aspects, it's what we're all about!! They had a very talented painter create a canvas live during the ceremony, they exchanged roses after being declared married, in LOOOOOVE with the wardrobe choices. And we were so inspired by them WERRKING the camera. We'll tell them something to do and they just OWNED every pose & action, no questions asked. 

On the emotional side. One of their guests literally made me tear up while speaking passionately about love. We've never experienced a guest at a wedding even notice we're there, let alone take the time to let us truly be SEEN. She amongst everyone else there, Adrienne, Leilani,  just emanated with that love and acceptance that we'll always remember and cherish.

So happy for you two, and it's been such an honor.

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