The Bootleg Man And 9 Other Black Entrepreneurs I Support So Let Me Enjoy My Popeyes In Peace

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It seems like every time black people find something we really like, folks find a reason for us not to enjoy it or blame it for all that ails us.  "I hope ya'll stand in line and vote like y'all stood in line for that sandwich"  We do, black women especially, almost always show up to vote.  "If only we supported black business like we do Popeyes"  again we do.  In fact, Popeyes has been voted as one of the top companies for black franchises.  In 2010, AFC Enterprises Inc., the franchisor and operator of Popeyes restaurants, announced that it was included among Black Enterprise Magazine’s "40 Best Franchises for African Americans.” The honor recognizes the company's diversity programs, affordability, revenue potential, and marketing/advertising support. 

Aside from that, there are black business owners and entrepreneurs many of us support consistently that people seem to forget.

The Weed Man

I don't care how you feel about cannabis, its making a lot of folks very rich, while a lot of our people are being locked up for it.  I'm pretty sure by now, I've put my weedman's kids through at least the first semester of college or a year of child care.  

Ms. Grandma Auntie

Speaking of child care, Ms. Grandma Auntie baby sat your mom, she baby sat you, and now she's babysitting your kids.  She doesn't have child care license the FIRST, but you know your babies are safe.  She'll even keep your kids if you fall behind on your payments.  

That Friend That Wants To Be A Rapper

Him, The Weedman and Ms. Grandma Auntie's favorite grandson may all be the same person.  You don't really have faith that he's going to make it, but you wanna make sure you support him anyway in case he does blow up so you can say you rode with him from the beginning.  He usually give you extra weed or a jailbroken firestick if you follow him on Instagram, listen to his podcast and visit his soundcloud.

That Friend That's A Fashion Designer 

You've walked in the fashion shows, you've sent out the e-vites, you've shared the photos and tagged Rihanna, Pharrell and Oprah.  You've even wore the stuff out and brought the outfit up in conversation.  "Oh this mesh off the shoulder tie dyed glitter top?  Yeah my friend made it"  You even bought their "Make me-Rosa Parks" shirt.  Now they only need to sell 200,000 more to afford that store front.

That Barber/Hairstylist Doing Hair Out Of Their House

In addition to supporting them when they finally make it to the shop, before they get a chair they are usually doing hair out of their house, you get the same experience as you would in a salon, minus the wait, and you might even get a plate while you're getting your hair done.  

That Person Selling Dinners 

From Keyshia Cole selling fish plates, to Grandma Auntie selling slices of cake,  to that new black owned spot that opened up down the street that never has napkins, is over priced but the food is just sooooooo good that you ignore the bad service.  You don't need a list of 10 other places that sell chicken sandwiches because you can go in your phone right now and call one of them up.

The Kids Selling Donuts, Water, Lemonade, Socks, and Cookies

These lil kids be out here hustling!  Even if I don't buy something, I'll still give them some money because they could be out here doing anything else and they've decided to start their own lil business.  They'll be fine as long as Sidewalk Sally doesn't call the police on them for not having a permit.

The Ice Cream Truck Owner

No lie, the guy that runs that Ice Cream Truck around my ways sells everything but ice cream.  He's running a mini store off that truck.  You can get condoms, pampers, cigs, and a strawberry shortcake all in one stop.   

The Person Selling Body Oils, Incense, Shea Butter and Black Soap

I don't trust some of the stuff that comes out of the beauty supply store, but you know who I do trust?  Somebody selling black soap out of the back of a van.  I'd rather give my money to them anyway.  

Black Twitter, Black News Sites, Black Blogs, Black Instagrammers, Youtubers, and Influencers

As soon as I see a black face, black in the name, I'm clicking follow, I'm watching and I'm buying what ever merch you're selling.  I'm that person.

So let me eat my chicken sandwich in peace.

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