Cardi B Donates Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Supplies To Orphanage While In Nigeria

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 12/09/2019 - 14:13

Cardi B is in the middle of her first visit to Africa and although she’s been having a lot of fun, she also took some time out to help some people in need. Cardi posted a series of images from her visit to The Lion’s Village orphanage in the Nigerian city of Lagos, where she dropped off huge bags of supplies from a local market yesterday, December 7. Later, she took the stage at Livespot X Festival before heading off to her next stop in Ghana, according to The Guardian Nigeria.

“Gotta thank the ladies and the gentlemen that nurtured these kids that need just a little bit of more love and protection and gear them up for a better place, destiny, and future,” she wrote in the caption. “People like YALL MATTER!” Cardi has long been outspoken about the conditions of less-fortunate people in the US, helping Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign with a sitdown video explaining his minimum wage policy, and tweeting in favor of social safety nets which give lower-class citizens opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Music executive Brooklyn Johnny, who made the trip with Cardi, explained that they loaded up their convoy vehicles with as much food, water, and supplies as they could possibly hold when delivering it all to the local orphanage. "We spent our only free time in Nigeria shopping for children in need," he said. "We literally bought as much as the vehicles we had in our convoy could carry... Today was a good day."

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