DAYUM XADDY! Xaddy Corvinus Talks Money Moves, Stalkers, and How Being Adopted Changed His Life's Trajectory

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You know the name, now get to know the man behind the smile and the body.  Though Xaddy came from humble beginnings, he says its only up from here.  Check out our exclusive interview with this rising star where he holds nothing back:

Aazios: Where are you from?

Xaddy: I grew up on a farm in this small town called Varnville, SC. Very humble beginnings. 


Aazios: Are you out to your parents?

Xaddy: Yes I am. I had a boyfriend that no one really knew about. As time went on and things got more serious, I wanted the world to know. So I put in on Facebook that I was in a relationship with him. Screenshots were taken and sent to my Mom.. and she grounded me for two months! Lol I’m joking.. I was already grown and out of the house by the time that happened.

Aazios: Have your friends and family seen any of your work, if so how do they feel about it?

Xaddy: The most the majority of my family knows is that I’m an exotic dancer. I haven’t had to have the “porn talk” with them yet, nor am I interested to be honest. We’ll cross those roads when we get there. As far as my friends, they’ve definitely seen my work! I often times send them clips of my footage for their approval. They’ll support anything I decide to do, as long as I’m happy, healthy and safe.


Aazios: How has being adopted shaped your life?  

Xaddy: That’s a good question. I guess it’s given me a “chosen complex”, if you will. That feeling that against all odds, I was the one God wanted to save. That I was special. The environment and circumstances I was born into weren’t exactly ideal for a child to flourish. Had I not been adopted, who knows where I would be in life right now? God definitely placed me in a position to have a better life. So yea, I carry that gratefulness with me always. It’s precisely why I go through life looking through “glass half full” lenses. 

Aazios: When did you find out you were adopted?

Xaddy: I’ve always known. I’ve known my adopted Mother since I was 10 days old. Some time later they attempted to give my biological Mother a shot at regaining custody, to no avail. So I was 3 when I was officially adopted. 


Aazios: Have you tried reaching out to your birth parents? Do you have a desire to meet them?

Xaddy: I grew up less 15 miles away from my biological family. Though I didn’t grow up with them or see them often, I’ve always known who they were. My adopted Mother made it a point that I know who my biological Mother was. I don’t know who my biological Father is. 

Aazios: Are you single?  How has your film career affected your social and love life?

Xaddy: Yes, I’m single. Definitely by choice though. Trying to date and live the lifestyle that I live at the same time is extremely challenging. Relationships require a lot of attention and focus. Right now my focus is solely on setting myself up so I will never have to work for anyone ever again. Love can wait for now. As far as my social life, it hasn’t really been affected much at all. A few more people recognize me now, but that’s about it. 


Aazios: How did you get started in the industry?

Xaddy: I started out as an exotic dancer. Different promoters started to notice me and my social media presence and started booking me. It just kind of took off from there. My following started to grow. I was booked for many of the major Pride events and even landed an out of the country booking in my first year alone. So by the time I decided to do porn, I had already had my foot in the door. So the transition was pretty smooth.

Aazios: What new projects do you have in the works?

Xaddy: I’m the proud owner and CEO of Xaddy Apparel, LLC. My website is in the works and will be launching soon, so I’ll definitely keep you guys posted. I’ll also be coming out with some music this year. And Chino, Khi and myself have been talking about doing a new Cabin Trip Adventure soon. So be on the lookout! 

Aazios: Who have been your favorite co stars to work with?

Xaddy: I enjoy working with all of my co stars. The good thing about being an Amateur star is I get to hand pick who I want to film with. They all bring something new and different to the table.

Aazios: You seem to be very comfortable with your versatility on screen. Has it always been so easy?

Xaddy: Honestly, no it hasn’t been. At first I was skeptical about bottoming on camera because I didn’t want to be placed in the “bottom box” that I’ve seen many of my co stars get trapped in. Bottom too well in a scene, and a lot of them won’t wanna see you Top. It’s as if bottoming emasculates you or something. Claim the Top roll, you better not be taking dick! I learned early on that some people will never be satisfied. So eventually I was like fuck it, I like what I like. I’m going to be myself and if they don’t like it, OH WELL! But thanks to my all of my devoted fans, it all worked out in my favor. I love them all! They’re with me until the wheels fall off.


Aazios: Who haven't you worked with yet that you would like to?

Xaddy: Knockout, Sean Zevran, Rocco Steele, Rhyheim Shabazz, Tigger Redd.. just to name a few.

Aazios: Have you ever been stalked?  What's the craziest experience you've had with a fan?

Xaddy: Oh my God. So back when I was a dancer I had this client. Over time he started to become super aggressive and possessive. He started to blow my phone up and pop up at my house at the most weird times of the day and night. It got so serious that I had to get an restraining order against him. Some weeks after that, I was outside my apartments, walking my dog and he pulled up on me and begged me to talk to him. I refused and told him to get lost. He spazzed the fuck OUT! This man jumped out, snatched my dog and threw him in his car. (Everyone knew how attached I was to my dog.) I was ENRAGED and snatched the guy out the car and fucked him up in the middle of the parking lot. I can't make this shit up!! I haven't seen him since that day.

Aazios: Do you feel black stars are paid what they are worth by studios?

Xaddy: Honestly, I don’t feel like any of us are getting paid what we are worth if we aren’t receiving any royalties or rights to our content. Think about it.. we may get paid say, a one time $1000 booking. That studio goes on to make a whole hell of a lot more than that, and will continue to use, promote and monetize off of your image and footage however they see fit because it belongs to them. You get paid once, but they’ll keep getting paid until the well runs dry. 


Aazios: Do you make more from film appearances or from your onlyfans/club appereances?

Xaddy: I definitely make more from my OnlyFans and JustForFans subscriptions.. I own all of my content so I’m the only one eating lol.

Aazios: Chino Blac was recently outed at his job for his past film career, Is this something you fear?

Xaddy: No, not at all. Like I said in the beginning, my focus right now is using my porn career to put me in the position to never have to answer to or work for anyone but myself. I mean, how much shit can you really talk to the BOSS?

Aazios: What do you see yourself doing after you're done with porn?

Xaddy: By the time I’m done, I want to own several businesses and have multiple sources of income as well. I see myself settling down with someone special and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I want to get married and have a family eventually. 

Aazios: What advice do you have for someone looking to get started in the industry?

Xaddy: Be content and comfortable within yourself. Be confident in who you are and know your worth. If you’re dealing with any kind of self esteem issues, this industry will definitely amplify that. You will find yourself seeking validation from people who don’t even know you.. and go through the motions when you don’t get it. This industry can be fickle: one moment you’re everyone’s favorite.. that next moment you’re enemy of the state. There are thousands and thousands of people viewing and giving different opinions all day, every day, which can take a huge toll on some people. It’s definitely not a place I would suggest for the weak minded or weak spirited. 


Aazios: For those who don't know who you are where can you be found on social media?

Xaddy: I’m Xaddy Corvinus and you can find me on:

Twitter: @xaddycorvinustm
Instagram: @_xaddycorvinus_
Facebook: Xaddy Corvinus

And both of my fan pages for all of my exclusive XXX content:

Shoutout to @Akimsniff for another exclusive!

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