DL "Straight" Guy Says Its Gay To Clean In Between His Cheeks

Submitted by Take Out on Sat, 04/07/2018 - 14:44

Today in "thats that bull" This is why I don't bother with them Trades don't let them trades bother me.  Its hard enough trying to get gay men to wash and you think I'm fitting to argue with somebody confused about why they need to clean between them cheeks?  Nah Bruh.  Sweaty balls and that "fresh out the gym smell" is something totally different than "I don't believe in soap and water" 100 % Pure Funk. 

The shower is excellent opportunity to clean your butt.

And by “clean” we don’t mean “I’m sure some soapy water landed in that general direction.”

Your best strategy is to use a hand-held showerhead, for direct, up-close-and-personal cleansing. And buy a bar of soap specifically for your nether-regions. Not just to avoid cross-contamination, but also because you’re dealing with an especially sensitive area.

Doctors and dermotologists stress the use of a soap that’s gentle on the skin. When you’re soap shopping, look for words like “gentle” in the description. Or pick up an Oatmeal soap like Aveeno or a black soap with shae and cocoa butter.  Though they can help mask smells, try to avoid sprays like Axe as they don't kill bacteria and only temporarily eliminate smells.

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