Family Holds Vigil For Slain 22 Year Old Trans Woman Marilyn Monroe Cazares

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A march and vigil was held in Brawley, California Saturday, in honor of Marilyn Monroe Cazares, a 22-year-old transgender woman that was brutally murdered in July.

Dozens marched to demand justice and bring awareness to the violence transgender women face.

“Brutally treated, nobody deserves to lose their lives, nobody deserves to go that way," said Rosa Diaz, Imperial Valley LGBTQ.

The Imperial Valley LGBTQ resource center helped the Cazares family organize Marilyn's march. Together they brought awareness to the transphobia that affected Marilyn and continues to affect others.

The Cazares' family shared stories about Marilyn and spoke on her bravery to be her true self.

“Marilyn courageously lived her truth," said Mindy Garcia, Marilyn's aunt.

“Today we come together to celebrate the life of Marilyn Cazares. Being little I always remember her being herself, she had a habit of sneaking in my room and playing with my dolls," said Aubrey Cazares, Marilyn's sister.

According to the IV LGBTQ Resource Center, Cazares was the 22nd transgender women killed this year in the U.S.

The Brawley Police Department is still investigating the murder along with the FBI and homeland security.

“Have our voices heard, we truly want justice, we truly want for us to love and understand each other," said Diaz.

The Cazares' family says they won't stop screaming Marily's name until justice is served.

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