Gay Couple Beats Guys Who Tried To Rob Them In NYC

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A man is now in custody after attempting to rob a gay couple in the Bronx authorities say.

Via NYDailynews:

Ricky Bellevue, 35 — who prosecutors say was held in a chokehold by an NYPD officer in the Rockaways last month — was busted with accomplice Trevel Parrish, 28, in the clash Tuesday afternoon in Mott Haven, said authorities.

Bellevue and Parrish are both charged with harassment, menacing, weapon possession and criminal possession of marijuana in the noontime incident in which Bellevue called his two victims “F------ fa-----!” officials said.

The two suspects approached a gay Bronx couple, Kelson Akomolafe, 27 and Edward Hoard, 30, near the intersection of Third and Brook avenues and immediately began spewing anti-gay slurs at them, said officials.

“F------ fa-----! Go back to your country!” Bellevue allegedly told the two before whipping out his red-handled blade, believed to be a boxcutter, and demanding their property.

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“Nobody, not even in my home country, has ever walked up to me and said that,” said Akomolafe, who is from Nigeria where being gay is illegal.

Hoard also tried to ignore Bellevue — but the suspect continued to harass the couple, the men told the Daily News.

“We don’t know you. Get away,” said Akomolafe.

“Now I’m going to rob you two fa-----!” Bellevue screamed before lunging at the duo, the men said.

“My only focus was on his knife,” said Akomolafe, recalling his hand-to hand struggle with Bellevue.

As Bellevue attacked Akomolafe, Hoard spotted Parrish approaching them from the other end of the block with a long silver blade.

“I heard him saying ‘grab the bag, grab the bag,‘” said Hoard.

Akomolafe had a Louis Vuitton bag, and he and Hoard both sported gold chains.

Bellevue tried to take a bag off Akomolafe, but he said he fought back. During the struggle, Bellevue slashed Akomolafe in the face and hand, police said.

Both men had restrained their attackers when five cops showed up, who cuffed the two robbers and Akomolafe.

“I was detained for the first time in my life,” said Akomolafe. “I was just lucky not to be shedding tears. After all of this, how can I have handcuffs on my hands? The procedure was overwhelming.”

Akomolafe was released. The two remained at the station for hours until they had answered all of the detectives questions, they said.

Neither had ever experienced anything like this incident before.

“This is why I came to America, where I can express myself and my sexuality, and show who I am when I walk down the street, ” said Akomolfe.

Bellevue — who according to police sources has a history of mental illness and about three dozen arrests — made headlines June 21 over viral video of his arrest on the boardwalk near Beach 116th St. in the Rockaways.

The video showed NYPD Officer David Afanador grabbing Bellevue around the neck in an apparent chokehold.

The Queens District Attorney decided not to prosecute Bellevue for disorderly conduct and other charges. Afanador was suspended without pay, and became the first cop charged under terms of the state’s new chokehold law.

“That’s him, that’s him!” Akomolafe said while viewing the boardwalk chokehold video. “This is crazy, I had never seen that man before in my life. He deserves what’s coming to him.”

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