Gay Trap Rapper Xavi Tarik Bounces Them Cheeks To Promote New Single "Flowers and Smoke"

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All this cake and its not even our birthday!  What better way to end the week and put all the stress behind us than to taken in this behind.  Rapper Xavi Tarik was right on time with this video to help promote his new song Flowers and Smoke.  Flowers and Smoke is the perfect song to ride around this weekend with the windows down. 

We caught up with Xavi to ask about the song and get some more info about him.

Aazios: Where are you from?

Xavi: From Philadelphia currently living in Los Angeles working in sex education, pursing a trap music career.

A: All all the music you've recorded whats your favorite song?

X:favorite song is “pink range rover”

A: What inspired you to star rapping and specifically doing trap music?

X: I wanted to do a mixtape for gay guys that like trap music. that like to jump around and vibe to trap.
gay guys can rap too haha.

A: Whats your favorite lyric that you've written?

X: favorite lyric is from track two “consistency”:

“in the wraith with a bad bitch,
thats savage,
that’s mad shit,
fame and the status,
I’m damaged
don’t think i can handle,
if, a nigga say he with it, that he live it, prove that shit.
all i know is that i had to stay, I had to stay consistent.”

A::Where can people find you on social media?


Check out the song here:


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