Gay Web Series "The Uglies" Turns No Fats No Fems Upside Down

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 22:58

Ballroom Throwbacks TV aka BRTBTV is back with another home run.  We've been looking forward to this since they first introduced it as a concept a couple of years ago.  The first episode does not disappoint.  From the series notes:

Log on to to rent,purchase,stream The Uglies Season 1 Episode 1 "You Sho is ...Ugly" .Meet "The Uglies"Javon, Craig, Gabriel ,& Isaac. These 4 friends are part of the whole classification of no fats, no fems ,socially awkward etc. It will be a dramady based on their dating lives, friendships, and their sexuality. .It will show how they navigate through their lives on their individual and shared journeys . Particularly when these people aren't the poster children of what's considered beautiful or normal in the "lifestyle". Written by Ra'Mone Marquis & the writers of BrtbTv 

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