Guys In Viral Kissing Video Talk Life, Love and Making a 3 Way Relationship Work

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When a video of three men sharing a passionate kiss hit the internet last week people went wild.  A boyfriend and a husband?  Who were these guys and how did this relationship come to be?  Thruples or a relationship with three people aren't as uncommon as you think.  We reached out to the guys in the video to find out how they make things work.

First whats everyone's name (or nickname) age, and where is everyone from?

Marquesse (23) Texas

Deejay (26) Ohio

Ke'Andre (28) New York

Are you all out to your families?

Deejay and Ke'Andre are both out to their families and Friends 

Marquesse only a select family members know but completely out to friends.

How did you and your husband meet?

We met when we were teenagers. On BGCLive lying about our age LOL knowing damn well we weren't 18. LOL. But we agreed to meet at Lakewood Train station. Its a public transportation station in Atlanta,GA.

When did you all decide to add another person?

Its a whole story to how this happened. Sooooo me(Deejay) and my husband(Ke'Andre) had separated for a few years. Always keep in touch and supported each other, but eventually he got into another relationship and so did I, but I realized I missed him and wanted him back. The thing though he was still in a relationship with Marquesse and he couldn't choose between the two of us so me and Marquesse decided we wouldn't make him and would try this 3 person relationship. 

How did you approach added the third person?

It wasn't so much an approach but more so a conversation. We both loved Ke'Andre and didn't want to leave him so we decided to see if we could love each other plus him. And it so happened to work out perfectly.

Do you all deal with any jealousy issues? Or one person feeling like they aren't getting enough attention?

Oh Man at first everyone was trying to find there place in the relationship, so emotions were everywhere. We had to learn to communicate. Communication is our glue that holds us together. We just had a huddle about dividing time evenly. Because all time of us work and we have a son it's kind of hard because we are all on different schedules, but we make it work.

Do you see this as a long term relationship or is this just something you all are experimenting with?

We are in this for the long run. We want another baby, Marquesse and myself wants a dog; Ke'Andre doesn't LOL. We plan on having a ceremony to bind all of us together, so yeah this is our family.

What was the reaction from friends and family?

Everyone says the same thing "You got Two Niggas and I can't even get one." LOL

What do you say to people who may not understand your relationship?

Shit!!! It's our business and our life. We are only worried about our own happiness.

What made you post the triple kiss video?

We just posted it because we all looked so damn good!

What were your first thoughts when you saw your video was going viral?

It blew our minds! It was funny because even our friends were being hit up like do you know them and is it real.... LOL

What advice would you all have for someone looking to pursue a relationship like yours?

Communication is the KEY, share all thoughts good or bad!!! Trust me you will thank me later!!!!

 Check out the video that got everyone talking below. 

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