"Make Your Own Chicken Sandwich" Gay McDonald's Cashier Sends Customer Who Called Him F**got Home Hungry

Submitted by Take Out on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 10:55

I never understood why people talked nasty to the folks who are preparing and handling your food.  When they hand you whatever you ordered, you're trusting that they handled it with care and used every safety precaution possible.  But apparently who ever was on the other end of this Mc Donald's drive thru didn't care about getting her Mc Chicken Sandwich spat in or dropped on the floor.  He was right to send her home, when you call someone the f-word you are due whatever comes next.  We hope he didn't lose his job and we certainly hope he wasn't just putting on because he was on live.  

Sidenote: If your friend hears you going thru at work and doesn't say something like "They need to give you a break"  were ya'll ever really friends?  He's a real one.  

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