Man Says He's Afraid His Daughter Being Breastfed May Cause Her To Become Lesbian

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 01/14/2020 - 13:28

This is why the aliens won't save us.  We wished this was a joke but it isn't.  A whole adult male wrote in to an advice website asking if his daughter is breastfed will increase her chances of being a lesbian. 

The father writes:

"My wife and I just had a girl. our first was a boy.  He is now 3 years old and he was breastfed.  i had no problem with the brestfeeding.  now with the baby girl i figured she would be breastfed too i had no problems i saw her being breastfed.  its been about 2 weeks and i cant get rid of this feeling that shes going to turn out to be lesbian.  she really attacks my wifes boobs moreso than my boy when he was a baby.  it just doest seem right and i can't help but wonder if this is how lesbians are made?  i fear she will be lesbian if she isn't bottle fed.  does anyone have any advice or experience here?  is this an act of lesbianism? should i stay pissed at my wife for what shes doing to my child? the arguing is getting intense.  i hate the idea of somoenes **** bieng forced in to my baby girls face.

We can only hope and pray this man doesn't have any more kids ever.  The baby "attacks" your wife's breast because she's a baby and she's hungry!  That's what baby's do!  Not to mention there are plenty of gay men who were breastfed and they never once thought about being straight.  

We're not even finished with the first month of 2020 and ya'll are already cutting up.


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