Missing 13 Year Old Boy Scout Found Alive and Safe

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Ade Prince, the 13-year-old Boy Scout and choir boy who didn’t come home from school a week ago, was found safe Monday night after a wild goose chase that started near a Flatbush apartment and ended near the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Some neighborhood kids saw a missing flyer posted in a park near P.S. 6 on Snyder Avenue and confronted a boy Prince was hanging around with in recent months.

Prince had left for his charter school a week ago and never came home.

His parents said although he was a loving and respectful son, he had started staying out late sometimes in the last eight months—and one time, disappeared for two days.

Prince is not a big 13 year old and looked younger than his years.

The teen’s friend—also said to be a sometime runaway—was at the park Monday evening while Prince was reportedly at the friend’s apartment on Regent Place with the friend’s father and stepmother. Some boys pressured the friend to get Prince. The friend’s father reportedly denied the teen was at his apartment. When 911 was called, Prince and the friend apparently slipped out a fire escape and headed for the Barclay Center.

When detectives called the teen’s parents from near the Barclay Center to tell them he was safe his mother, Yvonne King-Prince, burst into tears.

“I’m just grateful to God he’s alive,” the relieved mother told Psources Monday night. “I’m gonna take him home, love him, and take care of him.”

The parents said they have to appear in family court Tuesday with their son and will have him undergo psychological evaluation.

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