"My Bottom Will Not Pay Rent" Tops Says He Handles The Finances In His Relationship

Submitted by Take Out on Sun, 03/25/2018 - 22:43

In same gender loving relationships we often find ourselves falling into or fighting against heteronormative views and stances on relationships.  I remember a few years back talking to my straight friends about dating another guy and the first they would ask was "so who is the man in the relationship?" I had to explain to them that we were both men and no one had a specific role.  But thats not always the case.  Whether we want to or not we often mold our relationships to into molds created by the straight relationships we've seen.  Sometimes based off who is dominant and who is submissive, who is top and who is bottom, who is masculine and who is feminine.  While this may not hold true for all, I know for myself and many of my friends, we had no gay references to guide us on how same gender relationships worked.  Most of us are mimicking what we've seen our parents do. 

I believe in taking care of my house and my partner but not based on our sexual roles but more about how I was raised.  A man should take care of his home.  What are your thoughts? 



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