No, Its Not Gay If A Man Has Good Hygiene and Wants To Look Nice

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 07/21/2020 - 16:27

Whew chile, the toxic masculinity.  We’re not sure who is raising this new breed of dust bunnies but this has got to stop.  This week alone we’ve seen at least 10 different posts on our timeline with someone saying “does doing this (insert bare minimum hygiene requirement) feminine or gay?”  We don’t know if we need new friends or if people are just that nasty.  It might be both.

The short answer of course is NO.  And whoever disagrees, let us know now so we know not to eat at your house. We’re gonna assume that if you don’t take care of your body that your house is nasty too, especially your kitchen. The long answer is still no, most decent people want someone without dirty finger nails, that washes every nook and cranny of their body and who’s underwear don’t have more skid marks than a NASCAR track.

The post that prompted this was a woman asking if it was gay for a man to want to get a clear coat manicure or pedicure. Of course the comment section was full of people you could smell thru the phone. Why is this a question?  Why can’t men want their hands and feet to look good, and what does that have to do with his sexuality? Nothing.  Personally I don’t want a man with toenails that can cut through class and hands that look and smell like he plants sh*t for a living.

This is why a lot of folks are single.  “He’s too clean, he’s too nice, he’s too put together, he must be gay”

Really sis?

We’re not even sure when this trend of dirty equals masculine or straight started because all the straight men in our family took care of themselves.  Even my uncle that was in Waste Management would hop off the trash truck and turn a look on a Friday.  My dad worked at a chemical processing plant but when he wasn’t at work, he was dapper af.  To me men were supposed to look good, smell good keep a fresh haircut and to wash your dick and a$$ thoroughly.  We were also taught that you would not be able to pull a woman (or man) if you didn’t keep yourself up, because no one wants to date someone that doesn’t bathe.

So stop passing around those posts asking stupid questions and go brush your teeth.

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