Popular LGBT Socialite Arden Roche Says Stalker From Jack'd Followed Him to His Hotel Room!

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 12:34

We've all ran across a few people on these apps that we know not to invite over but Arden Roche says someone invited themselves up to his hotel room while he was staying in Houston last week. 

He writes:
Houston sheesh y’all thirsty why this queen just followed me back to my room from the elevator at the hotel then came in my room behind me, I’m like umm why are you following me he was like can we talked on jackd aren’t you my dick appointment I’m like no he said oh my God I’m in the wrong room he was like so are you still waiting on your dick appointment also, no bitch I don’t have a dick appointment scram and opened my door, this bitch came back to my door a hour later and messaged me “I’m coming back up” the way I
just just cursed this queen out the nerve!!

We're just happy he's safe!

Be careful out there fellas!

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