Russell Wilson Purchased Ciara's Music Masters As A Christmas Gift

Submitted by Take Out on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 16:21

We all need a Russell in our lives. 

NFL star Russell Wilson bought wife Ciara the best Christmas present ever- he purchased her "masters" from the record label and gifted them to his wife.

There were reports last year that Ciara acquired ALL the master recordings of her music, from former labels Jive and Epic records. At the time it was just rumors.

But Ciara just confirmed the rumors this week. She explained in a recent interview that she now owns her masters, and feels financial flexibility because of the ownership.

What Ciara didn't say is how she got he money to purchase her masters -which are worth many millions of dollars.

A music executive told MTO News that Ciara's hubby Russell paid for the "masters". She told MTO News, "Russell bought her the masters and gave them to her, in her name only."

The insider continued, "It was a Christmas gift (in 2017)."

What a great husband.

In other Russel and Ciara news... The 1, 2, Step singer and her footballer husband, are being called petty for posting a new video of baby Future meeting a few famous rappers.

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