"Step On Me" Straight Guy Shares Messages Of Men Begging Him For The D

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 14:37

We've never understood the obsession some gay guys have with trying to get with a straight guy.  You're out here making it hard for the rest of us who say "I can have straight friends without trying to sleep with them" 

Honestly though if you have to message this much and beg this much IT AIN'T WORKING.  When someone is interested they will let you know. 

And when they aren't THEY WILL LET YOU KNOW.

All the gay d*ck in this world and you running behind some straight guy that don't want you?  You can hop on an app right now and find somebody less than a mile away that will come thru, beat your box into a coma and go home. 

Don't be like this guy. 

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