Super B***h Shows Support For His Trans Friend's Transformation "You're Living Your Truth"

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 10/28/2019 - 20:13

This is how you support and love your trans brothers and sisters.  In a touching Instagram post everyone's favorite gay superhero Super B*tch aka Dremon Cooper sent out some love to his friend who recently finished her transition.  In the post he writes: "@1lucilleyasmen I love you sissy I’m so proud of you for living in your truth!! You’ve grown so much to become a bad ass bitch 

In a time where transwomen, and especially transwomen of color are being treated like second class citizens and being taken away from us just for being who they are its great to see this type of support!

We wish her all the best!  

P.S She is about to break a lot of hearts because she is snatched and gorgeous!  

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