TaedaTea's Man Says He's Tired Of Keeping It A Secret On National Boyfriend's Day

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 10/03/2019 - 22:07

Looks like the cat, or the Roc is out of the bag as Taedatea's boyfriend has "revealed" himself on National Boyfriend's Day to the world in an Instagram post today.  We put revealed in quotation marks because the two have thrown not so subtle hints that they were a couple. In his post Roc writes:

#nationalboyfriendday Tired of holding in our lil secret, everybody knows how much you mean to me, the love we share is unexplainable. So honored and happy to be able to call you mine @taedatea

We want to wish them and all the other couple's a Happy Boyfriend's Day and congrats to Tae and Roc!

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