Video: Man Says He Slept With His Bestfriend's Boyfriend After She Started Rumor That He Had The Rona

Submitted by Take Out on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 21:31

So much for social distancing. With friends like these who needs enemies.  A guy who goes by the user name Romeo_must_die0 says he posted a video of him getting dug out by his bestfriend's boyfriend and baby father after she allegedly started a rumor about him having coronavirus. 

In a twitter post he writes:

"I recorded myself f**king my best friend(name-redacted) boyfriend because I found out she been running around town telling people I have coronavirus. PS you can stop asking me if your boyfriend is gay because here goes your answer. This not even the full video"

When asked why he would take things to this extreme he responded:


...I [was] told she been talking sh*t behind my back but in my face fake as sh*t plus I suspected that she started to think I was f*cking her  babydaddy .... SO F*CK IT I AM

Lets just hope none of them got corona AFTER any of this went down.

Click below for the video.

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