Video: Only In Atlanta! Guy Pulls Out His Big D**k At The Gas Station

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 03/02/2020 - 21:34

Now what in the Super Unleaded is going on here.  Ironically, this is not the wildest thing we've every seen in Atlanta.  In fact this is rather tame compared to some of the things we've seen in Atlanta. 

Stray observations:

Did he have to clown him about only getting $10 worth of gas?  The stock market was just crashing a week ago, people are on a budget.  

What club were they leaving that got them this lit because we need to go too.

Its winter time, your d*ck and balls need to stay warm sirs.

Everything's bigger in Texas...and Atlanta apparently.

Tall skinny guys ever disappoint.

Tell the one on the left to come holla at us, we trying to see something...

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