Video Shows 1000 People Attending House Party In Chicago Despite Pandemic Stay Home Orders

Submitted by Take Out on Sun, 04/26/2020 - 05:23

The chances of their being at least one person in the room having covid-19 is enough to keep us from going to friends houses, let alone somewhere for a party.  We love to party, we just can't see ourselves taking this big a risk to party in someones house during a global pandemic.  

If you had any doubt cases of coronavirus are about to explode because of reckless conduct, check out this video and all doubts will be swiftly erased.

1,000 people ignored the stern warnings of doctors and scientists in a city that has been ravaged by the virus ... and jammed into a house on the westside of Chi-Town.

You see what looks like around 100 people in just one room, dancing as music blares in the background. The rest of the house was also packed with people. It goes without saying but there is no visible social distancing ... none.

One of the partygoers told MTO News, "I'm not worried about [the coronavirus] . . . but if I didn't have it before, I probably got it now. Oh well."

Fact is ... things are coming apart at the seams. Scores of Los Angelenos were out and about Saturday, and anecdotally we can say ... the majority were not wearing masks.

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