Video Shows Gang Jumping Teen After He's Seen On Video Giving A Guy Dome

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 14:03

Today in toxic masculinity: A grown man films himself encouraging teenagers to beat up another teen who cowers on the ground in a fetal position to protect his head from the blows and kicks.

The incident occurred at the Nickerson Gardens public housing apartment complex, located at 1590 East 114th Street in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles the oersons in the video are all allegedly in a gang.

"You is not from the hood, n***a. You got a whole d**k in your mouth, blood. This is you, n***a," the man says while holding a cellphone that allegedly shows a video of the teen performing oral sex.

The man then ordered him to leave the hood.

The video, which was also posted on Worldstar Hip Hop, drew angry reactions from viewers.

"All of these men need to arrested... Black Lives suppose to matter huh? Disgraceful," wrote one Instagram user.

Another user wrote:

"To the pu$$y a$$ n*ggas who did this: I bet y'all won't run up in the White House with that same energy. I bet y'all won't keep that same energy with the cops killing black folks. I bet y'all won't keep that same energy for the racist ass white folks..."

We hope he made it out and is doing well.

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