Video: Woman Gets Popped In The Nose After Calling Gay Man A F****t On Subway

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 12:03

We do not promote putting your hands on anyone at all, ever.  But just because we are non violent doesn't mean everyone else is.  If someone has told you not to touch them AFTER you've already called them a slur, touched them without consent and disrespected them, you deserve whatever you get after that.  

And why is it whenever someone is talking more sh*t than Popeyes' Twitter account to Chik-Fil-A do they act shocked when someone says, enough mouth, here come the hands.  Like ma'am you asked for this Spicy Chicken 1 piece and you got it.  

When no one comes to your aid after you've been visibly hurt, that should be evidence that you F-ed up, but that you also had this young man F-ed up. 

Sorry to this girl.

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