Vinny and Dashawn Celebrate Their First Anniversary In Style

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 12:10

Has it been a year already?  Time does fly when you're in love.  Vinny and Dashawn celebrated their first trip around the sun together in a series of posts and videos.  In addition to exchanging gifts and meals, and a lot of Rose petals, Vinny also wrote Dashawn a  poem which he shared on social media.  It reads:

It's already been 365 days we've been together
Building a love that's going to last forever.
It's been 365 nights we've slept together,
Holding each other thru all kinds of weather.
When we lay in the bed our bodies are intertwined
And when we drive or whenever possible your hand is locked in mine

We often lay cheek to cheek
Listening to music and allowing our souls to speak
We share our dreams, we share our fears
We're not afraid to shed our tears.
We have a love that others envy but we
Pray for them because their hearts are empty.

This love we have was unexpected
But our two hearts came together and will forever be connected. Happy Anniversary Baby!! 

Congrats to them both and here's to many more!

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