Woman Arrested At Ex Boyfriend's Funeral After Stabbing His Sister

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Two sisters were literally cutting up at a funeral earlier.  Angel Chatman who is now in custody, and Travonda Chatman is now wanted, after a North Nashville funeral home brawl involving pistols, knives, and hitting a man with a vehicle.

Arrest warrants charging felony aggravated assault have been issued against two sisters for a dispute this afternoon at a North Nashville funeral home that resulted in the non-critical stabbing of the deceased’s sister. Other family members of the deceased reported they were threatened with guns, while a brother of the deceased was pinned between the sisters’ SUV and a pickup truck.

Angel Chatman, 28, the ex-girlfriend of the deceased, and her sister, Travonda Chatman, 26, arrived at Terrell Broady Funeral Home on Clarksville Pike for visitation at 1 p.m. They were told by family members that they were not welcome there. The parties began to argue, during which Angel Chatman was reported to have pulled a knife and cut the sister of the deceased on her back. The Chatman sisters are then alleged to have pulled pistols and threatened the deceased’s mother and uncle.

The sisters left the building and got into Angel Chatman’s Infiniti SUV. Angel Chatman put the vehicle in reverse and struck a pickup truck that was pulling into the funeral home parking lot. The passenger in the pickup truck, the deceased’s brother, got out. Angel Chatman was reported to have again put the SUV in reverse and pinned the brother between her vehicle and the truck. The deceased’s brother, who suffered non-critical injuries to his legs, and sister were both transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment.

Angel Chatman surrendered to police late this afternoon. Travonda Chatman has not yet been arrested.

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