Women Admit They Get Off To Gay Adult Films "They Be So Passionate"

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 03/11/2019 - 13:31

They say you learn something new everyday and this is something I did not know.  These are also none of the reasons I watch, but that goes to show that men and women are stimulated visually by different things.

One of the world’s most popular free sites, Pornhub, which is visited by 156 million people every month, recently revealed that women make up a quarter of its global audience. So more women than ever are watching. 

What is even more interesting is the kind of movies women are watching and how they are watching it.

In an article in Marie Claire, contributing editor Amanda de Cadenet helped create a survey about the modern relationship between women and adult films. She asked the question, "How often do women watch?"

And the result was that 31 percent of women stated that they watch it every week or so and 10 percent said daily.

When asked what kind do women watch and gravitate toward this was the results were.

63 percent heterosexual
44 percent lesbian
31 percent it's a mixed bag
28 percent hard-core
26 percent soft-core/"arty"
13 percent gay male
13 not listed

Women enjoy watching for some of the same reasons men watch but they tend to watch different types.

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