Writer Gives The Best Reason Why Netflix's "Always A Witch" Fails Its Afro Latina Character

Submitted by Take Out on Sun, 02/03/2019 - 12:55

If you were like me, Netflix had you at "Afro Latina Witch"  Thats all I needed to see to be convinced to give the show a chance.  And like many once I saw how the show handled the issue of race and racism, I immediately knew that I had set my expectations way to high.  I also realized that no people of color had been consulted at any stage of production.  Crystal Connor perfectly summed up how we were feeling writing:

Always a witch. NO!


So this girl travels to the future in hopes that she’ll be reunited with her white slave owner “boyfriend” again in the past..

Dear Netflix, 
You really had us waiting all this time for a show that was marketed it like it would be about black femme empowerment, only to find out that was clearly written by white people. A Black girl CHOOSING 1600s Slavery, over 2019, on the 1st day of Black History month? You got us all fucked up

Considering how you hyped and advertised this, it boggles my mind that you actually thought this world go over even remotely well (especially during Black History Month)

Who actually thought this was a good idea? Like, what kinda fuckery conversations were you having when this hot ass mess was being pitched? 

I need names...

They don’t even mention she was a slave in the description!!!!

You really tricked us into thinking this was gonna be great Afro-Latina representation just to have this witch fall in love with her master 

Dear white writers, 
Imma need you people to STOP with all the bullshit of romanticizing Black slaves and their white masters.

Thank you for attending my TED talk.

Black people, if your looking for a kick ass show, with a dark skin female lead go watch Black Earth Rising instead

We couldn't agree more.  

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