"You Knew I Was Gay" Kash Dinero Says His Child's Mother Won't Let Him See His Son Because He's Gay

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 05/30/2019 - 15:21

Kash is experiencing what many gay and bi men who have children experience with women.  Custody issues revolving around their sexuality.  In a heartbreaking video Kash explains that he wants to see his son for his upcoming birthday and father's day but his requests are being denied by his child's mother.  We can certainly sympathize as many of his followers did.  

One dad said;

I'm going through this right now as we speak. I was taken to court only because I told her I had a boyfriend and that I didn't want to be with her. As many of men she's had run in and out of her life since his birth and I've only had 1, you'd think the courts would be I'm favor of the father since I'm the one who had him more than she's ever had. I was put on child support while living with her and it was put on my credit score until I fought it. It's crazy. The best thing to do is to her a paid lawyer which is what I'm doing. Family court is a joke when it comes to fathers.

Another offered his story: 

Man Ive2 been threw the same exact thing with my bms all what i would say is go threw the courts to get Justice i wish that i wouldve done that because if you dont the relationship between you and your kid will always be strained because all they will have to go off of is what the mother and who ever says about you which will be lies omg

We hope Kash is able to get this resolved and is reunited with his son. 



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