5 Reasons Why You Should Take Buy Mushrooms


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Magic Mushrooms can help ease depression:

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has been extensively researched for its health effects. Interestingly, several studies have shown that it awakens emotions by altering the chemical networks in the brain, therefore making you happier. Studies have also shown that Canadians have a high level of depression (especially in the winter months), which would be the perfect to load up on your magic mushrooms intake! Additional perk? Fantasy has the same side effects as traditional antidepressants!

Magic Mushrooms Boost Creativity:

Who doesn’t want to be more creative? What if we told you that Magic Mushrooms can give you that? A team of Dutch researchers has found that psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, increases a person’s creativity, makes them more empathetic and gives a feeling of well being for up to seven days! And you can get your magic mushrooms from Fantasy Shrooms, which guarantees top notch quality at an affordable price!

Magic Mushrooms can Help Treat Addiction

Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Whether your addiction may be alcohol, nicotine or any other addictive substance, Psilocybin effectively helps in breaking those habits, and here is how. There is clinical evidence that Psilocybin can rewire the brain and make it communicate better by strengthening neural networks. Case studies have shown that after the initial dosage of Psilocybin wears off, the user no longer has the urge to give into his addiction. Cool huh?

Magic Mushrooms adds “Openness” to your Personality

Now you may be wondering what I mean by “openness”. Well, Openness is a psychological term for someone’s attitude toward new experiences. As humans, we encounter certain situations in our lives where we close off our emotions and persona to the world. Heartbreaks, personal loss, and physical and emotional stress can all push us to protect ourselves by closing down our emotions, therefore prevent further damage, sometimes a little too much. This is where Magic Mushrooms come in! In a 2011 study, researchers found that doses of psilocybin increased openness in users after sessions and allowed them to be able to accept new experiences.

They Stimulate the Growth of New Brain Cells

Now, we already established that psilocybin rewires the networks in the brain to help it communicate better with its different regions. In addition to this, it can also help with the growth of neurons in the brain. A study conducted by the University of South Florida on lab rats showed that the psilocybin allowed the rats to overcome their fear and promoted new growth of neurons and regeneration of brain cells. The study leader, Dr. Briony Catlow, hopes in the future that they can extend these studies to humans in clinical trials.

Well, if you read this far, you can see all the health benefits of magic mushrooms. We must also advise that all these findings were made through careful research and administration and that higher doses were given in a controlled clinical situation. So if you’re not experienced in trying shrooms we recommend microdosing until you are used to the effects. The next step would be to place your order of magic mushrooms at Buy Mushrooms Canada! This is perhaps one of the best magic mushrooms suppliers in Canada. Not only do they provide quality mushrooms, but I was pleased with the way my order was handled, from start to finish. Head over to Buy Mushrooms Canada and place your order today!